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We offer a full suite of high-quality translation and interpreting services for documents, marketing material, localization of websites, eLearning and audio-visual media in more than 130 languages.

Conference Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreters and/or equipment for conferences, corporate & community meetings.

Conference Interpreting

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Merrimack Translations serves businesses, government agencies and educational institutions in the Merrimack Valley and beyond. With our large pool of qualified and skilled language professionals, aware of global trends in business and language, open to learning new client-specific localization environments, you can depend on our availability of services, competitive pricing and quick turnaround in multiple languages. Available 24 hours, project completion under tight deadlines.
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Expertise in multiple industries

With decades of experience, most of our linguists handle multiple subject matter. However, linguists are selected according to their experience in a particular industry, and the nature of a translation project. Look at some of the fields of our experience and type of subject matter we translate:
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Effective translation of health, housing, and other public information in the form of brochures, flyers and presentations is crucial for accessibility and understanding. We are continuously translating such information for many cities and organizations. ​
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User guides and handbooks require accurate comprehension and usability including localization and cultural sensitivity, where applicable, to effectively convey instructions and information with consistent and precise language. Rely on our expertise from school handbooks to software manuals.
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We understand that any legal translation requires a deep understanding of legal terminology and concepts. Fidelity to the original text is of paramount importance. Our clients for legal translation range from research universities to reputed law firms.
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Medical translation whether of documents related to clinical trials, medical devices or medical records familiarity with medical terminology and attention to detail are important, while adherence to confidentiality ensures that protected health information (PHI) is safeguarded. A large part of our translations is in the field of medical translation, serving long-standing clients.
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Expertise in both translation and production techniques is necessary for a multimedia project where cultural sensitivity on the one hand and synchronization of the media on the other hand ensure a seamless experience for the end user.
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We provide experienced consecutive interpreters for depositions, teacher-parent meetings, interviews, etc. and simultaneous interpreters including interpreting equipment for conferences, employee meetings and training.

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You have an urgent request or need a quick update on an ongoing project, there is always someone to respond by email or phone.

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Our professional team can boast of building strong client partnerships, in some cases spanning over 20 years.

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Services that fit your budget and fulfil your expectations. Fastest delivery!

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Need a certified translation?

Our certified, notarized translations are accepted by USCIS, RMV, consulates, courts, colleges, insurance and government agencies. You can review the translation, if necessary, before it's certified and notarized for these agencies. We also provide notary services as well as Apostille services from Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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BLOG article
In a feature in The ATA Chronicle, a Russian translator Valerij Tomarenko has written an interesting article in which the author has tried to answer the question that how one can judge the claim that human translations are better than machine translations. What does the word better mean in this context?